Athletic Mouth Guards in Hamburg, PA

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What are athletic mouth guards?

Shielding your gums, teeth, and jawbone is extremely important when playing sports. The possibility for injury to the mouth is higher when playing contact sports, and an athletic mouth guard can significantly assist. At Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our Hamburg, PA dentist will create a custom-made mouth guard that will protect you from dental damage. Unlike store-bought guards, custom mouth guards are adjusted specifically for you, making them more effective and comfortable. If you would like to reduce the danger of harm to your mouth, contact our team.

who is an ideal candidate for a mouthpiece?

Anyone in the family who plays sports on a regular basis can benefit from a mouthpiece. Whether you are playing volleyball, football, soccer, wrestling, or any other contact sport, a customized mouth guard will ensure your mouth stays protected. A mouth guard may be particularly useful in case you have braces or dental restorations since these can cut your gums and the soft tissues lining your mouth. Athletic mouth guards also have been proven to assist athletes in sports without contact (jogging, yoga, or weight training) by reducing tension on the jaw. Since a custom-made mouth guard is created specifically for your goals by our team at Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, it generally fits better and lasts longer compared to boil and bite or stock mouth guards bought at sporting goods stores. Call our Hamburg, PA dental office for more information.

what should i expect with mouth guard treatment?

A collection of physical and digital impressions will be made in order to completely customize your mouth guard. After this, your impressions will be sent to a dental lab where your mouth guard will be created. You’ll then be fitted by our dental team at Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. You should wear your mouthpiece when playing sports. This treatment is consistent, as you can come back to our Hamburg, PA office at any time to make sure that the guard fits properly and comfortably.

what should I expect after the mouth guard is placed?

Once you receive your custom mouthpiece, it is important that you wear it when playing sports or any time when your mouth needs to be protected. It is also critical that you know how to properly care for the guard so that it lasts. It's necessary to store it in a secure place and clean it before and after use. Our skilled dental professionals at Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will explain the ideal method to wash your mouth guard based on the materials used. You should bring it to every dental appointment so Dr. Dando can inspect its current state and also let you know when a replacement is needed.

will Insurance Cover athletic mouth guards?

Our team at Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your dental benefits. Although insurance may cover some of the cost, it will depend on your specific provider. If you don’t have dental insurance, we accept many payments and will be able to help you find medical financing, including CareCredit®. Contact our Hamburg, PA office now to learn more. 

Get on the field with confidence

Keeping your mouth protected is extremely important when you’re on the field. Guard yourself and improve athletic performance using a custom-made mouth guard by our Theodore E Dando DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team. Dr. Dando provides high-quality mouth guards to prevent accidents and distress during sports. Schedule a consultation in our Hamburg, PA dental practice to find out more about the advantages of mouth guards.

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